Dan McNamara


EDUCATION: Bachelor of Fine Arts

School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

Computer Art/Dynamic Media Major 2006

SOFTWARE: After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro,  Photoshop, Illustrator, Video Compression Software, FTP Software, HTML Software


Ralph Lauren               07/10-02/14

Motion Graphics Artist

Created original graphics for Ralph Lauren Product Knowledge videos. Also taking on roles as producer, production coordinator, and video editor for internal projects.

SportsDome               01/11-02/11

Photoshop Artist

Created photoshop elements for multiple episodes of Comedy Central’s SportsDome.

The Onion               08/09-05/10

Footage Coordinator/Lead Photoshop Artist/After Effects

Created photoshop elements, video animations, and managed and gathered footage for The Onion TV Pilot, SportsDome. After Effects Artist for ONN: Future News.

The Bear, The Cloud, And God 10/09-03/11


Created the Atom.com contest-winning web series, which has been seen on G4TV’s Attack of The Show, Comcast-On-Demand and Comedy Central.

Edit1             06/06-08/09

Editor/After Effects Artist

Worked with ad agencies to create fully animated test commercials for Febreze, Olive Garden, Tide, Robitusin, Advil, Crayola, BMW, Polident, Visine, Afrin, Cialis, Chase, Herbal Essences, and Cheerios. Worked directly with creative directors, account teams, and producers on strict short deadlines.

Lost Cities           05/09-06/09

Director/Producer/Editor/Visual Effects/Writer

Produced and edited an independent TV pilot which was an Official Selection at the 2009 NYTVF.

Amazing The Lion 07/08-08/08


Created a 5-episode web series for the Independent Comedy Network(ICN.tv)

Penelope Princess of Pets             02/07

Lead Editor/Special Effects Artist/Line Producer

Managed special effects shots, production staff and was the video editor for three 5-minute episodes for SuperDeluxe.com.

Redeeming Rainbow           02/07-07/07

Editor/Visual Effects/Producer/Director

The 5-minute cut was a finalist in Comedy Central’s Test Pilots Competition.

The 22-minute cut was an official selection at the 2007 New York Television Festival.

The Peoples Improv Theater 10/05- 11/07

Graphic Designer

Designed ads for newspapers, large-scale posters, and postcards for performances.

The Calderons 09/06

Editor/Visual Effects/Producer/Director

Composited and tracked 3-D animated character into live footage.

Official Selection at the Festival du Cinéma de Paris and the Nihilist Fim Festival

Lovett Productions           05/04 – 08/04

Graphic Designer/Motion Graphics

Logged footage on AVID systems, created titles using After Effects for various projects.

Assisted Robert Smigel on his 2004 Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Election Coverage.


“The Calderons is a highly original, wonderfully schizophrenic comedy that is equal parts special effects mastery and detailed character work.”

     -Mitchell Hurwitz, Creator of Arrested Development

The Calderons, awarded Best Overall Dynamic Media Award 2006 at the School of Visual Arts and an official selection for Best Comedy Pilot at the 2006 New York Television Festival.

Member of the IAWTV and the WGAE New Media Caucus.